About Me

Hello and thank you for visiting my blog. My name is Rosemary and I’m a twenty-something  life vegetarian and Christian living in Buckinghamshire, UK. Growing up as a vegetarian I have noticed how attitudes have changed, and whereas I used to be ‘the odd one out’ it now seems that being a vegetarian is viewed as a common way of eating healthily and expressing concern for animals and our environment in general. However, I still continue to be asked on many occasions, ‘What do you actually eat?!’. I hope this blog will go some way to answering that question and I would like to think that my original recipes and ideas may encourage others to try vegetarian food.

I cook seasonal, well flavoured home-style food, always using the freshest fruit, vegetables and herbs, sourced from my garden and allotment whenever possible. I work full time so many of my recipes are quick but tasty meals, on some occasions though I like to try more time consuming dishes. Many of my meals are healthy, low fat options but I also love pies and sweet treats, so there will be plenty of these on my blog!

For me being a ‘veggie’ is not something that only concerns me when I visit the supermarket but rather has been the stimulus for me to follow a more sustainable, self sufficient, healthy and natural lifestyle.

My credentials:
-        Allotment gardener for 2 ½ years and winner of Best New Allotment Holder at the 2010 Aylesbury In Bloom Awards
-        Trained Master Composter and Love Food Hate Waste Advisor (via Buckinghamshire County Council)
-        Member of the Vegetarian Society and vegetarian for 20+ years

Ten things I love in life (in no particular order!)
1.      Foraging
2.      My allotment
3.      Thrifty ideas for saving money and reusing everyday items
4.      Making bread
5.      Homemade jams and preserves
6.      French cinema
7.      My pets (Horatio the rabbit and Chinchillas Furby, Wayne and Chong)
8.      Birding
9.      Holidays/countryside rambles
10.   Americana/Folk music