Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Shake Up Your Wake Up! Blueberry Twist Yoghurt

This week is Farmhouse Breakfast Week, this year named 'Shake Up Your Wake Up!' The annual campaign highlights the importance of eating a healthy breakfast.

And why should breakfast be the same every day?! A simple base of natural yoghurt or Greek yoghurt can be dressed up in so many ways to make a healthy breakfast.

To get into the spirit of breakfast week I thought I would share one of my favourite greek yoghurt breakfasts.

Blueberry Twist

Take 1 portion of Greek yoghurt (or natural yoghurt), then add a handful of blueberries and black grapes (cut in half lengthways).

Next chop a small handful of pecans and add these to the centre of the bowl.

Drizzle the bowl with approximately 2 generous tsps of honey.

Finally use a small sieve to dust the dish with cinnamon.

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